Future Skin was born 28 Years ago in Ottawa, Ontario. We don’t know when the first tattoo or body-modification was invented but there are pictures from the early 20th century, drawings and evidence tracing back to the Neolithic times (3300 BC). The History of Tattoos and body mods should concern you and Future Skin will make sure that happens.

Whether you’re getting your first tattoo and piercing, or adding to the collection. Future Skin will make the process informative and memorable. With knowledgeable and experienced artists to answer all your questions. your biggest concern will be choosing your tattoo design.

” Good afternoon Pierre:
Not sure if you remember my daughter and I from last Saturday. (tattoo on her leg)

I just wanted to let you know that my daughter’s tattoo is doing great and she loves it. Many thanks. Perhaps one day I might be adventurous enough to get one as well.”

” your shop has a great repuation in ottawa. i was hoping to possibly get a quick quote on my next tattoo. the tattoo in the attachment is the same basic size and location i am looking to get. and help is much appreciated. Thanks
can we have your facebook link?
please & thank you “

I just wanted to email and tell you about my experience at Future Skin. My husband and I got tattooed in the summer and we were very pleased with everbody. We were treated exceptionally well. Jesse was good to us and was sure we knew how to care for our tattoo’s before we left. We called a few times to ask questions and he was happy to answer all our questions. Pandy was awsome! That man can tattoo! We have gotten so many complements on our tat’s. He was polite and caring. On Sunday Dec 7th. I came in and Pandy did a fairy on my back. Everybody was good to us. They made my family feel right at home. It hurt like hell but we got through it. When I started to feel light headed and needed to lay down Pandy ran and got me water and made sure I was comfortable. We plugged through and I have the most beautiful fairy on my back now. She looks just like the picture I had given Pandy. Through all the ouchs and scrunched up faces I made I still like him!
You should be proud of your gang there at Future Skin!
Thanks again.

Til the next time!

Ang, John, Gracie and Abby

Good Afternoon,
Working in the customer service industry, I do appreciate good business and I just wanted to send quick note to confirm what a great experience I had this afternoon at your shop. From the moment I walked in to the point I left with my 2 new tattoos, I interacted with at least 6-7 people which one was my wonderful tattoo artist – “Edith”, and they were all great!
Walking into Future Skin which has an open concept and clean environment; while being met by a staff with a smile on their face, reassured me and made me that much more confident and comfortable that this was the right choice of place for my business. Just to note – I walked into 2 other tattoo shops on this same day and did not receive anywhere near the same attention or interest and the environments were not as warm feeling.

Edith made me feel extremely comfortable and has a great personality! She was very meticulous in her work and it truly felt like she cared about me and the end product. I will without a doubt be back to visit Edith and the establishment again! It’s Friday and a great way to start the weekend !
Great job and many thanks!!!!



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215 A  Rideau Street, Ottawa, Ontario, K1N 5X8
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